I need to make something clear ~

The shelter I worked at was in reality Animal Control (city limits only) for Small Town Midwest USA. Hence, I was employed by the city not Mercedes Misty.

Medical expenses were also paid by the city residents of the small town. However, Mercedes Misty also had a private shelter fund she supposedly used when her budget did not always make ends meet (although her budget for the city quadrupled in the five years since being contracted out by the small town.

I am going to let you all chew on that bit of information for awhile.

Go ahead.

Let that shit sink in…

The very next day after the dawg fight and Hero euthanized and packed away is our deep freezer (even though the incident could have been avoided and I believe Hero was only trying to protect me by getting me out of the way) ~

Thunder when to the veterinary for surgery to be neutered.

I should also remind you about how freaking muscular and strong this fella is.

In order to walk this dawg, I had put a harness and a collar on him because it took two leashes to even somewhat hold on to him.

The very first time I initially walked him no one had told me the 60 pounder was as strong as he was.

I looked like a cartoon character flying like a kite behind him ~ my feet did not touch the ground straight out of the gate.

It did not help that he thought he was a dainty lap dawg either.

Thunder immediately had to wear the “cone of shame” because he just would not leave his once manliness alone!

Oh sure ~ he looks pitiful and cute.

During the two days after the initial dawg fight, I was on my scheduled days off.

Thunder and I seemed to be the only two affected by the life-changing after effects of the dawg fight

I no longer felt safe with my peers and for the first time in my life ~

I felt afraid of dawgs…

When I applied for the position, I even said one special talent I had was being a “dawg whisperer.”

I digress (but only a little).

Thunder had been back to the vet yet again. The pain meds, the cone of shame, and the two leashes were not keeping this tough guy down. No Siree.

Therefore, he seemed to be having swelling issues and for the next three days guess who had to ice his ball sack for twenty minutes a day, FOUR times a day and the ace bandage them each time?

You guessed it ~ ME!

What an ass…

By the end of the second day, Thunder wasn’t even going to allow me to wrap him. He turned his head with his cone slapping the wall and growled at me ~ as if to say: “I don’t think so. “ and I was not even going to argue the facts with him.

During the next mornings walk, I noticed something hanging from Thunders surgery area.

I snapped a photo and sent it via text to the group.


. Needless to say, poor Thunder had to undergo another surgery. This time his entire sack had to be removed (talk about big balls)!

I hate to admit it, but Thunder and I were bonding over his illnesses and time.

Oh I wanted to hate him!

Everyone loved Hero.

He was a beautiful species and was so ever docile. He would walk on his leash like a gentleman ~ no an 80 pound fighting machine. Hero did not bark while inside his kennel. He would lay on the coolness of the concrete floors of the shelter and just watch his surroundings. Although, once during our photo session I blew on his ear to hopefully make them stand ~

He tilted his head to look at me.

His eyes were saying: “ bitch! Do not fuck with my ears.” I immediately apologize and promised not to ever do it again. As well as, making a note to the others not to as well.

I would have understood better if we had euthanized both animals but not just one.

Not Hero.

I will say, I finally came to terms with his death ~ believing he is much happier after crossing the Rainbow Bridge instead of hanging in a barred kennel waiting for the right family to come adopt him.

Plus, all the money going into a stray dog brought in by a neighboring town and having to keep him on medical hold for the next 4 -6 weeks before even taking applications for adoptions ~

Served Mercedes Misty right for puttingThunder through such pain and trauma. His bark had even changed dramatically.

So did mine.

I was exhausted from being the main caregiver every shift I had with this dawg.

He had even went through two more cone of shames because he was bound and determined to lick that spot!

The medicine given by our vet to calm him could have put two horses and a cow down.

But not Thunder.

Then I found a list on my favorite music app that was called Dawg Calming Music.

I brought in a cheap Bluetooth speaker and played the soft orchestra music for him.

I’ll be damn!


Not going to lie.

I began spoiling this blue and white beautiful dawg. I would put his medicine in a spoon of wet dawg food and then share my morning breakfast of pop tarts with him (strawberry).

I get exhausted just seeing this picture.

I still had to walk him two leashes and yes I was still the one being flown around the yard on my shifts because the aide said he hurt her wrists trying to walk him (20 years old and whined all the time about some damn pain).

Finally, after several months (or at least it seems that way) a family came in to adopt him.

As much as I loved that dawg (and had begged my sister to let me bring him home at one time) and as much as I knew I would miss him…

I was physically ready to get him out the door!

Can you tell he LoVeS me?

He was such a ham.

As you can see by the picture, Thunder looked as if he belonged to me ~

Pretty sure he thought the same.

As I turned to walk back in to the shelter after saying goodbye ~

Thunder thought he was supposed to come back in with me. He yanked his new owner forward trying to walk with me.

I could tell he was going to have a great new life with his new “forever” home…

Or at least I had hoped so.

Later we would find out otherwise.

Thunder was not the only dawg brought in from outside city limits and he was not the first to have to receive extensive medical treatment paid for by your local government and tax money.

The fact is ~

There was not hardly any animals other than cats that were from your community.

Mercedes Misty would turn them away…

Of course there is more to come.

I can not wait to share it.

If not one thing comes from my story (like the fall of Mercedes Misty) at the very least ~

My broken heart will have purged my hurt and the betrayal of my “shelter family.”

In the meantime ~

As Always ~


~ Ms. Mae


Here’s the story

Of a dawg named Thunder


Who was brought in the shelter 

From outside city limits

Who was determined to fight

the other male dawg


And his name was Hero.

Both were Pit bull breeds

And still had their balls. 

The youngest one had no


Yet we kept them apart. 

It’s the story

Of a woman named Ms. Mae

Who was busy learning 

Shelter Life

There was three others

Working together 

Yet two of them were assholes

They were always competitive against 

The new ACO

Ms. Mae.

‘Til the one day when the ACA walked 

Her Thunder. 

And the ACO was walking her Hero

They knew if there was eye contact 

There would be a dawg fight. 

Yet the younger ACA wanted 

to Show her

She had control …

The older one said please stay 

Where you are,

Yet the younger one

Pretended she didn’t hear her

And she was trying to make her point

She knew more 

And the competition Was on.

This much was true because 

The ACA has two years experience 

Working at the shelter…

But the ACO had more 

From living at

Least 30 years more…

Till that One day

in October

They met at the blind corner

Of the building 

And the dawg fight 

Was on. 

Hero threw the ACO

Down to the ground ripping 

Her jeans with his teeth

I still have these jeans in my closet

When she would not let go…

She found her head 

Inside his mouth…

The younger one held 

On tightly 

Until the ACO threw

The 80 pound dawg 

Across the yard. 

Worried that the

Younger gal would 

Be hurt. 

She yelled for her

To drop the leash 

But she was dumb as hell!

Then the younger gal

Got the hose. 

Hoping to separate the 

Dawg fight

Yet it was not

Going to work!

The water was just

Washing all the

Blood rushing from the dawgs 

The ACO yelled we needed 


And the police should 

Be called…

Til a construction worker 

Took a two by four

And separated the two

Fighting dawgs…

Both shelter workers took

The same dawgs

Each Was walking

Before the fight began

And contain each


To their kennels .


Their destiny.

The ACO Ms. Mae

Pretty shaken

Yet she continued on

With proper procedure Calling

the director For advice

Mercedes Misty said take

Thunder to the vet

But his injuries were 

Not so bad

But we put Hero Down.

The ACO’s heart was broken 

But she had no control. 

At least the dawg named Hero 

would  No longer suffer 

living shelter life Even

Though it was

The best…

He mourned with the ACO

Who was crying all along. 

Because she knew 

This was wrong 

But she had to obey

The laws. . .

Later on I will share the rest.

Because the city tax payers put out HELLA

Cash for this Blue Pit to

Live happily?

Ever after…


I have a lot of experience with rainbows and dawgs.
The only real thing they have in common is that they make Ms. Mae very happy; almost giddy really.
Every time I am fortunate enough to experience another ~

I am utterly amazed how each one can take my breath away.


Currently, SadieMae has my heart and full attention.

Fortunately for both of us, she is being transferred to a new facility with immense possibilities for training ~

A fresh start with a new family outside of Small Town USA.