Did I mentioned I am recently divorced after almost thirty years ~ separated from my estranged spouse for fifteen of those years?

Oh it is true.

I raised two kids, worked at two jobs, went back to college, and concentrated on being a good example to my children.

During this period of my life, I did NOT date, fuck, go to bars, go out with friends, do drugs or anything else that would deem me irresponsible or take away from sharing my time with my kids, work or my education.

I did not have the time for anything else and I sure as hell did not need or want any distractions.

With absolutely no regrets.

Once the kids were on their own and living their lives as adults themselves ~

I met a man who owned a business and I donated an item to his cause.

In return, he invited me to dinner.

I accepted his invite for two reasons ~

I loved the work he was involved in and I wanted to see if I was ready for the dating scene.

Turned out to be the best night of my entire adult life as a W-O-M-A-N

well, without sex, drugs, or alcohol!

We ended the evening with a handshake and a hopeful see you again.

There have been texting, phone conversations and of course social media communication.

I wanted him to kiss me already.

The older, more-mature man had my panties in a constant state of twisted wetness.


Something I had not felt in a hundred years.

Finally, we met up.

He got into my car and immediately wrapped me in his arms and kissed me thoroughly for two solid hours.


I have no idea how we kept our clothes on but I did go home in a hazy, drunken state of lust.

YES! YES!! Y E S!!!

That moment and kiss was worth the fifteen years I had waited for.

I want more.

In the meantime…

I am keeping my wits about me and hoping that he will not continue to keep me at arms length.

He knows we have a connection.

He is worth the wait.

However, if he is not The Man I am suppose to move forward with in my newly founded freedom of adult womanhood…

Stay Tuned…

As Always ~


~ Ms. Mae

Published by

Ms. Mae

A Funny, Intelligent, Tenacious, and FIERCE Woman!

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