Some of you may know I have an incredibly beautiful and gifted daughter.

No i am not completely biased!

My sweet, kind, Roctober Baby Girl has an even more amazing voice that carries her passion for spreading The Truth with eloquent words sounding off BIG when necessary to help those who need it.

Maddie began her freshman year of college at a small local college where she was The Editor In Chief Of their college newspaper. In addition, she created the college first magazine ~ The Cusp.

Over Achiever… NOT!

She has covered many stories in our area from the Ferguson, MO riots to the sit ins at University of Missouri Columbia College ~ going at it ALONE to do all of the reporting…

ECC Cornerstone Newsroom

Did I mention she has played the viola for over ten years which has encouraged other musical talents such as the ukulele and guitar?

WHS Orchestra
WHS Class Of 2015


That is my Blondie along side her fella, Aidan (Seniors 2015). Best friends still ~ way before they Knew it was LoVe!


The Kids have only lived in Chicago for less than one month.

They have been robbed twice already!

The first time was before they even moved. They had sent money to a fake realtor for an apartment that they thought they were moving into ($2400). Yet they had to wait for the investigation to be over to get their money back.

My Girl https://www.paypal.me/madalynnco

Hey am encouraging everyone to please Donate or at the very least SHARE!

NOW their only vehicle had the catalytic converter stolen off of it…

PLEASE donate directly to them and their cause!

In The Meantime…

As Always ~


~ Ms. Mae

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Ms. Mae

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