Here’s the story

Of a dawg named Thunder


Who was brought in the shelter 

From outside city limits

Who was determined to fight

the other male dawg


And his name was Hero.

Both were Pit bull breeds

And still had their balls. 

The youngest one had no


Yet we kept them apart. 

It’s the story

Of a woman named Ms. Mae

Who was busy learning 

Shelter Life

There was three others

Working together 

Yet two of them were assholes

They were always competitive against 

The new ACO

Ms. Mae.

‘Til the one day when the ACA walked 

Her Thunder. 

And the ACO was walking her Hero

They knew if there was eye contact 

There would be a dawg fight. 

Yet the younger ACA wanted 

to Show her

She had control …

The older one said please stay 

Where you are,

Yet the younger one

Pretended she didn’t hear her

And she was trying to make her point

She knew more 

And the competition Was on.

This much was true because 

The ACA has two years experience 

Working at the shelter…

But the ACO had more 

From living at

Least 30 years more…

Till that One day

in October

They met at the blind corner

Of the building 

And the dawg fight 

Was on. 

Hero threw the ACO

Down to the ground ripping 

Her jeans with his teeth

I still have these jeans in my closet

When she would not let go…

She found her head 

Inside his mouth…

The younger one held 

On tightly 

Until the ACO threw

The 80 pound dawg 

Across the yard. 

Worried that the

Younger gal would 

Be hurt. 

She yelled for her

To drop the leash 

But she was dumb as hell!

Then the younger gal

Got the hose. 

Hoping to separate the 

Dawg fight

Yet it was not

Going to work!

The water was just

Washing all the

Blood rushing from the dawgs 

The ACO yelled we needed 


And the police should 

Be called…

Til a construction worker 

Took a two by four

And separated the two

Fighting dawgs…

Both shelter workers took

The same dawgs

Each Was walking

Before the fight began

And contain each


To their kennels .


Their destiny.

The ACO Ms. Mae

Pretty shaken

Yet she continued on

With proper procedure Calling

the director For advice

Mercedes Misty said take

Thunder to the vet

But his injuries were 

Not so bad

But we put Hero Down.

The ACO’s heart was broken 

But she had no control. 

At least the dawg named Hero 

would  No longer suffer 

living shelter life Even

Though it was

The best…

He mourned with the ACO

Who was crying all along. 

Because she knew 

This was wrong 

But she had to obey

The laws. . .

Later on I will share the rest.

Because the city tax payers put out HELLA

Cash for this Blue Pit to

Live happily?

Ever after…

Published by

Ms. Mae

A Funny, Intelligent, Tenacious, and FIERCE Woman!

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