I have refrained from writing about my daily adventures as an Animal Control Officer up to this point.

I did not want to offend anyone or put myself in a position as a city employee that would damage my current position.

I do not have to worry any longer…

As I dressed for my first interview with the director, I knew it was pertinent for her (Mercedes Misty) to understand exactly the kind of person I am.

F*ck U Mercedes Misty

1. I do not lie (Sometimes I am almost brutally honest without the intention of hurting anyone).

2. I do not steal.

3. I am a person who believes in the value of ethics and morals. I stay TRUE to myself because of such said lines I feel needs drawn in the sand UP FRONT!

So I wore my Ms. Mae shirt that has my websites address on the back of it.

As well as, encouraging the staff to read up on The Real Ms. Mae because I did not want to hide or fake my sometimes harsh or crass honesty that is my personality…

You might understand I had been in the thick of the woods purging and had not been anywhere for three months ~ not even the grocery store. . .

Not seeing any one other than my sister who I lived with and my two dawgs.

No communication whatsoever.

This job turned up at the right time in my life.

I had explained to the director I felt lost at the moment with no intentional direction.

Mercedes Misty told me that was the very reason she wanted me to be a part of her Shelter Family.

After another interview with the director and Senior ACO (Animal Control Officer) ~

I was Interviewed as a formality by the city council board and the very next began my employment as a city employee.

I have to say this ~

I fell in love with my new career.

I have not been this happy and centered in my working environment for a very very long time (if ever).

I also have to say I had not lived in a small rural town for two decades.

Furthermore, I forgot about how small minded with big ass mouths these small places have ~ mostly improvising because I do not give them the information they want and need to share the truth.

Or my real story is so fucking boring their own ideals about me sounded way better (juicier) to anyone else’s ears who would listen.

Or how each small town has the group of people who play the parts of thinking they are “someone” because they have “power” and what they deem as having “money.”

More importantly?

They do not want to see or hear the truth coming from an outsider who does not know who the “important people” are.

And I do not want to know who they deem “the important people” are in Small Town Midwest Missouri.

I am the crazy type of person who thinks and treats everyone the SAME until I am proven otherwise.

Especially, in small communities where your last name, social status, or bank account might make or break you in becoming an active and respectable member of (their) society.

I always tend to root and protect the underdog (literally and hypothetically).

What could be a better place for me to get paid for my cheerleading than an animal shelter (I already worked with children on and off for almost 30 years)…

My soul was on fire again with a passion to save and protect the animals within the small community.

After receiving my certification with the state of Missouri as an Animal Control Officer and Humane Investigator I felt even more confident in my new career choice. . .

What I did not count on was a contracted city employee to be a manipulative and jealous woman that would undermine my every move.

You know the narcissist and selfish people I am speaking of ~

Those who feel so threatened by ones confidence, positivity and kindness towards others (who really only want to appease those who line their pockets)…

She thought she could make me quit.

She thought being condescending would “put me in my place.”

She thought she could set me up for trouble and failure.

She thought she was fucking with a kid who did not know any better and would allow her to walk me on her own leash of micromanaging.

She must not have thoroughly read my blog posts or paid attention to any of my other social media contents.

Because she was wrong in thinking or playing any reindeer games with this FIERCE Adult woman!

I loved this job so damn much I almost forgot who I was for a minute as well.

The last couple of months Mercedes Misty was dogging my every move so badly I would need to spend the first day I would have off, sick in bed (an underlying health condition I have and stress about takes me out completely).

No MO’!

I used every means of self control to keep from lashing out with my frustration and exhaustion.

When she came in to the office I would continue to greet her with a smile and a “Good Morning!”

I would then leave the building to do checks on any animals in outside kennels, take ginormous bags of trash to the dumpsters, use a pooper scooper to collect any poo remaining in the yard~ anything to keep away from her and her micromanaging-condescending-jealous-hatefulness she seemed to spew my way at all times.

She would then call out to me to “come” like one of her pets ~ to heel beside her at the desk she sat at without any reasoning for my presence other than seeing if I would obey her command.

Of course, I did not.

Therefore, she would send out one of the ACA’s (Animal Care Attendee) who was her go-to pet whenever I refuse her constant demands.

Good girl Lassie (I am being so sarcastic but it is the honest to goodness truth)!

Sneaky Snake

I was always surprised when she would not throw a treat in the air for them to catch for obeying.

I am not a vindictive person.

Even though I feel there has yet to be any justice in my life ~

I still refused to do anything other than let Karma take over.

One of my last days of work at the shelter, I did indeed snap…

It had been an exceptionally long and tough day. I was hosing out the work truck and replenishing the content needed for our day to day regime when Mercedes Misty headed out for the day.

It was also closing time for the public (something Mercedes Misty had been doing the last few days-staying so late).

I was at the back of the building washing up the dirty bowls from the day and a man standing at the front office caught my eye.

I immediately called out for the ACA and greeted the man with a warm tired smile.

He had picked up a boxer off the highway as he came into our small town and a police officer had supposedly told him to bring it to our shelter.

Who am I to call him a liar (which is EXACTLY what Mercedes Misty said every time we got a dog from someone who lived outside of our city limits).

Standard procedure is taking a copy of the persons drivers license and have them sign a non-owner surrender form. I did just that before walking out to the mans truck to see the dog.

Needless to say, the ACA called the director and told her I took the dog even though she had received a call earlier from someone saying their boxer needed a new home because it was sick and he could not afford a vet visit.

Absolutely none of this is true.

As ACA then handed me the phone (her personal cellphone) in which the director was on the other end screaming at me.

I tried explaining the situation to her but she hung up on me.

Thinking I would have to deal with her the next day after she had calmed down~

I finished closing up and put the new dog in a kennel.

Guess who called back on the office while I was finishing paperwork for the days end?


Mercedes Misty said on the other end once I answered:

“You know what? Fuck YOU Mae. All you have to do is your fucking job. You do not want a fight with me. Do you NOT KNOW WHO I AM?”

Remember I did say I snapped?

Words took over and there was no longer any respect or admiration in my voice. . .


I DO, do my job and I do it well and if you would leave me the fuck alone and let me do my job we would not have the issues we have! AND NO I DO NOT GIVE TWO FUCKS WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE!!

I will NOT quit and I will NOT hit you but if you do not back off I will leave early for the day and let you clean up!”

Then I hung up on HER!

The ACA then said she was not trying to get me in trouble when she phoned the director and hoped “we are still good right?”


The very next day I was suspended until the next council meeting where I could prove my case and give my own statement.

I was so proud of myself and the evidence I had collected throughout my time with the shelter.

Guess what though?

Mercedes Misty and her husband own a beer distribution warehouse that offers many in the town employment to buy their redneck bellies more beer.

I was terminated due to the council feeling it would be “too much of a toxic environment for me to continue working in…”

Now I am going to destroy that condescending, manipulative, backstabbing, lying dumb ass.

Even If not one single person reads and shares this blog post ~

I will.

Over and over again.

In addition, I am going to post pictures and excerpts from group texts that shows just how much of a liar and cruel person she is in reality and the community.

Watch Out Mercedes Misty!

I am on the path of purging THE TRUTH!


In the meantime ~

There is no way for you to…


Ms. Mae

Published by

Ms. Mae

A Funny, Intelligent, Tenacious, and FIERCE Woman!

2 thoughts on “#NoMoACO”

  1. Mae, there are toxic people out there that will not ever except anyone that differs in opinion, attitude, or appearance. Just because council called it a toxic situation, doesn’t mean you were the toxic. It sounds like Miss Thing had it in for you from the beginning. With her position, there was never a win for you. People’s prejudices is what causes stereotypes and stigmas. She needs to get off her high horse for sure!

    Liked by 1 person

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