My lil’ daddy passed away a month before Fathers Day. It was Memorial Day Weekend, 2003.

This little man who I thought was so big and tall my entire life ~ was only about 5 ft and 7 inches on a good day. He worked Three jobs for 10 years and two jobs for 42 years. When he “retired” at the age of 62, he still worked as our taxi driver, helped an even older man on his cattle farm, and a much younger man haul cars from auctions. As a matter of fact ~ he was preparing for his day of work when he fell over from a blood clot going through his heart and exploding.

He awoke every morning at 6:00 O’clock. Took his blood sugar, put a pot of coffee on his electric percolator, made his oatmeal and toast.

This particular morning he took one bite of his oatmeal and when the toast popped up, he fell over dead.

He always told me I would either come over and find him dead in his bed or he would just fall over and die.

That is just a little insight to the work ethic my lil’ daddy had. He did not believe in missing work ~ unless he was dead. I am more than positive that is why he died on a Friday and it was a 3 day weekend ~ not one of his 6 children would have an excuse to miss.

However ~

My lil’ daddy was a Korean Conflict Veteran and he had always told me: ” If you can remember it, I get a Veterans Memorial Funeral and it will not cost a dime.”

Well, because it was Memorial Day Weekend ~ I got to keep him 5 extra days! So, THERE lil’ daddy! I bet he was fuming and if he were alive I might have gotten a whooping.


I only got 2 whoppings from my lil’ daddy. Unlike, the older siblings.

I use to tease him that if he had given me more I might not have turned out the way I did (I am naturally, The Black Sheep).

My lil’ daddy was born in 1930 during the depression to a German farmer and his wife. The oldest boy of 9 children. He only weighed 1 pound and the lil’ town he was born in donated a shoe box for him to sleep in ~ thinking he was so little they could use the box to bury him in when the time came. After all ~ babies that small in that era did not tend to live.

That is just how fierce my lil’ daddy was at the Get Go!

When he married my mama in 1950 ~ “Women were to be seen and not heard unless spoken to.”

My mama was born “in the city” to a family of 14 children ~ if you were not seen or heard, you could be lost!

I often teased my lil’ daddy that it was because of his chauvinism ~ The Lord gave him F I V E DAUGHTERS!

True story.

My dad went to a local restaurant for a gathering of the manly minds every morning and evening to have coffee with the other “retired” locals. He would leave this note on his door so anyone coming to visit (he was the hot spot for us all including but not limited to grandchildren, exes and neighbors) so we would not worry about his whereabouts.

I took that note once he passed and I pretend to this day ~ some 15 years later ~ he is still Gone To Bobbers For Coffee. Be back later.

I Love You LiL’ Daddy!

~ MaeBright That Made Everything Turn Out Right.

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