I recently asked a person I thought was my friend ~ if he could guess which of the people I was in this picture….

He said the one with the glasses?

Although I am not sure if this person THOUGHT he was insulting me but I did warn him to be very careful because that is my mama. . .

Then I realized it did not really matter WHAT HE thought, because I knew my mama and all the LoVe she was and always will be.

Therefore, I told him that was actually a compliment and thanked him for it.

Furthermore, being mistaken for any of these ladies would be a compliment; they are my sistas.

All of our genetics are made up of the same Goodness and LoVe as our mama.

This was my mamas last birthday on this earth.

The day before (March 18, 1998) the temperatures had topped out at 80 degrees. . .

March 19, 1998 on my mamas 63rd Birthday we got 9 inches of snow here in Missouri.

My precious mama was 30 years old when she gave birth to me (Bless her heart).

She would be turning 83 years old today ~ March 19, 2018.

If I am half the woman and mother she is (even after she has left this world) I am one heck of a woman and I am proud to be her daughter.

I wish everyone could be as fortunate to have had such LoVe in their lives as we all have been.

Happy Heavenly Birthday Mama.

I miss your words of wisdom.

I miss your ability to calm my world with the seeds of Faith.

I miss feeling your hands as they rubbed my forehead and hair that always made me feel better from whatever ailments I had.

I miss our talks about everything and anything (Bless your heart)..

I miss you every single day.

As Always ~


~ Ms. Mae

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Ms. Mae

A Funny, Intelligent, Tenacious, and FIERCE Woman!

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