You know thosekids…

The ones who claim to be the “Cool Kids?”

We need to talk right now.

I get being in the tween-preadolescent-adolescent-age where you just want to have your drivers license already and do things more independently!

Really I do!

Believe it or DO NOT ~

Ms. Mae was once on that roller coaster of Hormonal Hell !

I still am… Somewhat.

The one important thing is to use all that popularity and coolness for those who do not feel as confident in their surroundings.

I do not mean start a charity or GoFundMe bullshit.

I mean, tell the quiet girl in math class you like her hair, her shoes, her BRAINS for the love of goodness!

Tell the overweight boy in gym class that when he grows into that massive body ~ he might be the shizzle at football or weightlifting classes.

Pick the kid who is always picked last for any activity ~ FIRST!

Compliment the kids who play in the band or orchestra ~ music is a gift everyone can relate to!

BE the Cool Kids that are cool and popular for all the Great Reasons ~ Showing kindness Is Cool.

I promise in the short term of middle school and high school in life ~ you will gain more popularity that will continue throughout your lifetime which is the most important!!

If I need to remind you ~ I will!

Therefore ~

As you start each day remember this:

1. Learn BIG!

2. Be Kind To One Another!

And as always Kids ~



~ Ms. Mae

Published by

Ms. Mae

A Funny, Intelligent, Tenacious, and FIERCE Woman!

4 thoughts on “#MiddleSchool”

  1. And I have replaced organized with Structure.
    Kids need rules for guidelines in all environments that give them structure.
    I have never to this date used the word punish(ment) ~ now THAT is a shitty word.


    1. I have worked with children on and off since I became an auntie at 8 years old.
      At the age of 25 I became a mother for the first time.
      I realized then I had a gift working with children and decided to get educated.
      One thing I do know as a parent and educator is that kids need and crave discipline. I am so very firm but I do it with love.

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