Has anyone else had one of the longest weeks ever ?

So much has happened in the last month since I wrote last. More than I have wanted and less than I need.

Drastic changes.

I moved in with my widowed older sister to help prepare her home for selling.

I quit my job ~ so I am even more poor than I was.



However, I am pretty talented so I will work stuff out … eventually.

I do need to tell my students that actually follow my blog, goodbye.

I will save that for another post so they will know without a doubt it’s for them.

I had to bust out early from them and in all sincerity I do not want them to think it was because of anything they did or did not do (they are little snots though) >wink<

Social media is driving me fucking crazy with all the political bullshit AND the same memes over and over (I have about 700 followers so you can imagine how much I see the same thing). I hope to gain more as my blog progresses.

I had originally created a Facebook page for my blog and some dumbass reported it as fake. Unfortunately, for her she told me she did it. Gee bish ~ ever think of asking first?!?

In order to open it back up, I have to give Mark Zuckerberg my first born (ha) so no way Jose’!

Damn I even think I am funny sometimes.


My day awaits me!

I must begin my adventures…

As always #StayFierce

~Ms. Mae

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Ms. Mae

A Funny, Intelligent, Tenacious, and FIERCE Woman!

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