It is only Tuesday??

Heads uP!

This is one of those writes that is downright nitty, gritty, and kind of mean…

I am indeed in a “Glass case of emotion” as Anchor Man’s, Ron Burgundy once screamed into a pay phone.


I am starting to get on my own damn nerves.

To start, I dig on Mondays.  IMG_1610

Of course, only if my weekend was so uneventful that I need to get back to my job to just feel like I am succeeding in something productive in my day.

I must agree that sounds damn pathetic ~ even to me.

Still, when the day starts off like a Monday and it is a Monday?

Then it is a given…  however, for me, Tuesdays suck even more.

No, I do not have a logical answer, but it is true.

Then Wednesday kicks in tomorrow and we will be on the DL for the weekend…

Which are UnPaid working hours, Fuck.

Why then, do we even look forward to them?

Except tomorrows Wednesday is the very epitome of Hump Day; Valentine’s Day.

Even after six months free of marriage and in Like-New Condition, Wednesday ~ Valentine’s Day or noT ~ just means it is the middle of the week and on a steady drop into the weekend in my world.

Which for me means ~ work at finishing packing up my apartment that I once shared with my daughter and should be out of by the first of next month.

What was all that shit about me saying I am fierce as hell and every woman on earth should know and feel their worth?!

Oh Yeah!

Ms. Mae gots her a haircut today and she is feeling FIERCE as hell!



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Ms. Mae

A Funny, Intelligent, Tenacious, and FIERCE Woman!

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