March, 2015 I decided it was time to lose some weight.

My curvy petite frame had become more of a barrel shape ~ with a tiny head attached.

I was turning FIDDY that coming October…

Besides, my baby boy had recently announced he was getting married the following Spring so I honestly needed to get my “Mother of The Groom” body going on!

One might wonder exactly what is a dancing walkabout?

For me, it is putting my ear buds in and turning the disco music up as loud as I can and dancing while I walk on a trail down on the local riverfront.  As well as, other pathways I found in the area near where I live.

By June I had worked up to six and a half miles a day!

As a matter of fact, it was not only about inches and weight; it was about my mental health. I do not know about you, but music makes my day so much better no matter what I am doing.  Therefore, music, working my body through dance and walking (unfortunately for others ~ singing out loud sometimes as well) I was feeling really good about myself ~ inside and out!

Regrettably, with all the torrents of rain we had here, there was also a substantial amount of flooding going on!  Increasing the ability to continue a dancing walkabout on the riverfront impossible.  For this reason I decided to check out a local park that had paved area to walk as well but it was also just a big oval to walk around a lake.  A lake with ducks, geese, and plenty of bird shit to try to walk around. Yuck.

Hence, I decided to cross-over to another part of the park where there was a more inviting scenery of nature.

Mind you, I was already soaked from head-to-toe from the humidty of Missouri at 7:30 am day, let alone the intensity of my exercise.  As I crossed over to a grassy area onto the paved path I was heading for, I fell into a hole that was hidden with overgrown grass or maybe just neglect (who cares at this point other than me).  I heard my ankle snap through my ear buds and the loud music I was jamming to before I felt it as my round, sweaty body sprawled across the lawn,  With the ear buds still in tact, I began screaming in pain as I looked around for help.

A few feet away from where I lay was a ball park with an elderly man and three boys practicing a game of baseball.  They all four just stood there with their mouths gaped opened.

Bless their hearts.

I am most positive I looked like a wet-crazed-pyscho-fat-chick -laying-faced-down-in the dirt screaming over bad music!  Eventually, the older man came over to check my foot out.  I could not move.  He then backed his mini-truck up (yes, I was that big) and picked my squishy body up and placed me into the passenger side of his pickup.  Meanwhile, the lawn crew from the park pulled up in their pickup that hauled a trailer behind it with a mower in the back (really? now they wanna work)?


They were laughing at me for falling on my fat ass ~ FACE!

I saw the elderly gentleman speaking quietly to them and I pointed my middle finger at them, silently letting them know they were indeed number one to me (NOT)!

As the man drove across the lake where my car was parked he began telling me he was a retired Marine or Army Fella and the one time he saw an ankle that big, the ligaments were torn straight off the bone and needed surgery.

Being the gentleman that he was, he picked me up yet again and placed me in the drivers seat of my car where I drove myself to the emergency room.


After realizing I had no health insurance, Ms. Mae miraculously did not need surgery after all (go finger that). However, I was given instructions to see a specialist as soon as possible (hey! It is only $500 a visit).

For four months I couldn’t walk.

For four months I had no income.

I was a single parent with a daughter still at home and my rent was due ~ let alone real-life necessities.

A friend told me the city carried insurance for accidents such as mine and to contact them. With relief in mind, I did just that. I filed a claim (not to get rich but to pay for my ankle to get fixed and my wages lost).

I was assured everything would be taken care of and I shouldn’t have any worries.

I applied for health charity to get the process of healing going. By this time there was permanent nerve damage and the only thing I could be offered was physical therapy. It helps tremendously because I basically had to learn to walk all over again (heel-toe-heel-toe).

To this date, I have to come home and prop and ice my ankle to keep the swelling down and blood clots from forming.

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Ms. Mae

A Funny, Intelligent, Tenacious, and FIERCE Woman!

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