One of the things ABOUT me ~

All summer long as I have driven back and forth to work as well as, BFE to care for my oldest sister ~ have I mentioned her husband committed suicide on Memorial Day weekend 2017?

Someone began breaking into my car via the power windows.

Now mind you I do not have absolutely anything of value ~ not in my car or my apartment; except myself of course. Therefore, instead of continuing to pay someone to put the windows back on track anymore, I just started leaving the damn thing unlocked so if someone wants to pilfer through it ~ GO FOR IT!

I had no more issues. Until one day I gathered all the coins I could find and put them in the little cubby hole underneath the dashboard so I could have fuel to drive to work the rest of the week.

Coincidentally, the dusk till dawn light where I park my car every day was out… hmmm. All my money (and I had no other; not just in savings or what not, but ALL THAT I HAD TO MY NAME).

Normally, I would have said “someone must have needed it more than I do.”


So, I made a public post on social media saying just that and more.

See, I have this very nosy neighbor. She tends to watch every damn thing I do (and yes, she is a lesbian ~ but she is married). As a matter of fact, she keeps her fucking head so far up my ass I cannot believe she did not find the ginormous tumor in my colon before I had a colonoscopy on my birthday.

I digress…

A fella who I went to high school with and was friends with my ex before he and I were ~ picked my car up this morning and is spending his Saturday working on my damn car so I do not freeze to death and have two working windows and wipers (yes one of those was torn off a couple of days ago). Therefore, I must share my blessing with those who may follow or care…

Just throwing this goodness out into the universe will cause a domino effect…

I pray each of you are Blessed as I have been for this Goodness!



~ Ms. Mae


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Ms. Mae

A Funny, Intelligent, Tenacious, and FIERCE Woman!

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