After being on a Walkabout with Queen Loba, I thought about my “Fat Mean Bean” and took her out early this morning for my Dancing Walkabout.

Really BAD idea.

The first person we encountered she was distracted enough by dropping her “business” because of all the new scents she was experiencing so she didn’t notice them.

I made it a whole three-quarters of a mile when children on bikes and their parents (?) quietly speaking started toward us.


With her hair raised and big teeth bared ~ I could hardly maintain her leash to keep her away from the people whom thought at first “what a cute dog!”

Right away I realized I had to go back and take her home.

Bean is even less sociable than her Master and there was/is no reason to traumatize anyone near or the Bean herself.


I had my ear buds on oblivious to anyone coming up behind me and ………

The kids on bikes came back by to check out the “puppy.”

As Bean jumped, pulling to get to the ruckus of anyone other than her and me – the Bitch twisted out of her collar which was of course, attached to her leash and started towards the such said kids. They were laughing – I wasn’t.

I dove through the mud on my knees and slid with my hands to quickly grab her by the “loose” skin behind her neck.

I literally had to roll with her fat ass in the mud to keep her in my arms as she thrashed with anger ~ barking to get at the kids that were now laughing at her mama.

Now this part might get me into trouble and right now; MAN I DON’T CARE!

I carried the Bitch back to the car and threw her into the trunk.

Come on Now!

We were both covered in mud from head to toes and neither one of us were feeling very nice.

Besides, I only live 2.3 miles from the trail (give or take 5 miles).

After a bath she is quietly “thinking about what she did today” in her room, while mama takes a very long bubble bath…

Needless to say, Mean Bean will never, ever be allowed to go on another Dancing or Walkabout with a mama – and live!!

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Ms. Mae

A Funny, Intelligent, Tenacious, and FIERCE Woman!

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